WEEKEND WEAR : The Power of 15 Minutes + Simple Summer Wear


While everyone was out eating at cafes
and walking the Delmar Loop just because,
Stephen and I found ourselves at the public library.

For real - look on my Insta Story!

A lot of things have "changed," since getting married. 
Or should I say, our habits are being reworked and our love for learning about each other & the world around us is skyrocketing.

It's this idea of: What can we change & do to enjoy life more fully?
As a result, our personal wardrobe styles have simplified.
And our conversations have become richer.

Current buzz words & questions dominating of our conversations lately:
Did you learn anything today?
I listened to this podcast today and...
Energy management.
Hi. I like you. You're pretty kewl, babe.

It might all be a wave, but we're riding it 100 mph.
Betterment is contagious.

Current Read: 168 Hours - You Have More Time Than You Think.

Initially, Stephen picked it out, read enough to get inspired and moved on.
Then I picked it up.
Approximately 48 hours ago.

And it's kicking my butt.
My perspective, yet again, has refreshingly been turned upside down.

What if we are spending our time all wrong? What if, my lack of discipline is really the only thing standing in my way of achieving my life's goals? Srsly. What if I can work 40+ hours a week, exercise daily, take a bubble bath, make yummy dinners, have a social life AND spend quality time with my husband?

This book is saying that you can and oh hey, there are still hours left over.
Did I mention that there are hours left over even AFTER getting 8 hours of sleep?

According to 1,000's of interviews, surveys, & research, it's possible. 
But how? 

It starts with tracking your time.
Every freaking 15 minutes.
For at least 168 hours = # of hours in 1 week.

You have to know where your time is going so you can use that data (#nerdword) to prioritize and adjust so that you're in charge of those 168 hours.

I'm 48ish hours into my 15 minute time tracker spreadsheet. 
And I've only made it to chapter 2.
It's been nothing but EYE OPENING
+ stupid motivating.  

So yeah. Here's to the weekend!

How will you spend your weekend?
And what good books have you been reading that I should add to my list?!

Weekend Wear Look --> || Tanktop: Avalon Exchange, consignment. Skirt: Rummage Sale. Shoes: Walmart. Sunglasses: Soulard Farmer's Market. Necklace: Gifted. Book: 168 Hours - You Have More Time Than You Think. Location: St Louis, Missouri. ||

--Tara M


David & Andrea - A Romantic Sunrise Engagement Session || Belle Isle, Richmond Virginia


This love story you're about to read? 
I'm over here choking back tears.
It's that sweet. 

Because, there are some people you meet
and you just know that everything will be magic. 

Combine that with the enchanted
Belle Isle, at sunrise, and the perfect boho dress?
Just woah.

Meet David: a true romantic at heart.
Meet Andrea (on-drey-ah): a genuinely kindhearted adventurer. 

Oh, and did I mention that David bought Andrea flowers specifically for the engagement session? "I want them to be simple, yet beautiful," he said. Stoppit. 

(Listen while you scroll: click here).

My Dear Andrea:

It all started when we landed eyes on each other in the banquet room of our church more than eight years ago. I remember we just made a greeting gesture and smiled at one another.

Yes, we were young when we met at only fifteen (you) and sixteen (me) years young, but we knew
we had something special
and that has only continued to unwrap.

Sometimes I ask myself where the time has gone
and how we got to this amazing part of our relationship:
planning on forever in a covenant with the grace of God.

Then, I immediately recall all the amazing experiences we've shared
…like going to the Coldplay concert in Washington D.C.
or road tripping to Florida and stopping in Savanna on the way down.

Times like these were full of goofing around, bonding and just loving one another. 

Every day with you still brings excitement
as we continue to grow together in so many ways.

Our friendship has been a blessing from the beginning.

I remember texting and talking every chance we had.
Sometimes I’d accidentally fall asleep before texting you “goodnight, I love you.”

That has always been upsetting to me when that happens because to this day,
I love to make you smile,
feel wanted and so beloved. 

Even after all these years, saying 'I love you'
followed by 'forever and always'
every chance we get is so meaningful and genuine.

Andrea, I sincerely appreciate you from the inside out - from your toes up to your forehead.

You are complete in every way;
passionate in everything you do and
carry a beautiful energy that reflects in everything you do
– even you simply smiling. 

We've gone through many emotions and experiences together
but new things always emerge
as our love continues to grow and evolve. 

I cannot image myself growing old without you by my side.
I thank God for you.
You’re the biggest blessing in my life
and I love you forever and always.

Our love story is hard to put into words because I feel like
there is no beginning and end with you.

I had no idea God would place the man of my dreams right in front of me. 

And while we have been together since my freshman year of high school,
it wasn’t until my junior year of college that

God told me,
“…this is the man you will spend your life with.”

We were both at a catholic retreat.
I was crying after returning to my seat from confession.
We were praying separately and I remember thinking, “Why is David not paying attention to me? Can’t he see I’m crying and in need of him right now?”

Immediately, I regretted that thought
and told God, “help me to not be selfish.”

Within seconds of that prayer,
you placed your hand on my back and just let it rest there.

In that moment I knew that was God hearing me and was doing a work in my life.

Of course the tears came rushing even more but this time,
an overwhelming sense of His presence was right there with us.

Feeling how beautiful it was to let go of those selfish thoughts
- to place the person you love before yourself -
was just a glimpse of how amazing the sacrament of marriage would be. 

Starting my life with you, David, is like a dream come true - I still can’t believe we are at this point in our lives. 

I am most excited about simply getting to live together under one roof;
to be able to just do life together seems like the greatest adventure
we will ever embark upon.

You are the most caring and considerate person I have ever met. 

I have no doubt or hesitation that you are the one,
that God will see us through
and we will have our forever and always.

Do you even see what I mean?! 

David & Andrea ---
Thank you. Thank you for spending a crazy early morning with Stephen and I. Journeying with you both has been a highlight of the year. I'm sure I'll cry on your wedding day, ha! I admire your love for the Lord and each other. Thank you for being an example worth emulating and people who are quick to laugh, care, and adventure. 

--Tara (and Stephen)