Can we be friends?

Hullo! My name is Tara, Tpatt, or Tare for short (even though Tara probably is not the longest name you’ve heard before). Because you clicked on “about” you probably wanna know a few things about me? I’m so glad you asked! I love stories, impactful relationships, and coffee or tea. Basically, anything deliciously steaming from a happy mug is lovely. I aspire to live my life with excellence, joy, and full of new opportunities. If you would say that I am a travel adventurer, people watcher, daughter, photographer, Jesus lover, storyteller, coffeeshop hopper, sister, or generation impact-er you’d be pretty accurate.  Some of the latter are merely aspirations I’m claiming. Hey, do you do that? Dream about something that inspires you so much that you might as well just claim it as a part of you? Good. We’ll be great friends!

As you look through my website and blog I hope you don’t just see a bunch meaningless images or blocks of text. But that the stories shared, whether they’re my own or someone else’s, would inspire and provoke you to contemplate life from a deeper or more joyful perspective. We are all humans with flaws and imperfections, unique laughs and happy smiles, dreams and heartbreaks. I’d like to take the time to give you the opportunity to see the world around you a bit differently, to share experiences, and maybe even get involved in a new way.

Life, as I see it, isn’t so much about what you do or what you call yourself. I think life is more about a way of seeing the world around you and treasuring what it shows you. And that, my friend, is the purpose of my work.

.....join me?