PORTRAITS : Summit, Part 1

There have been so many places, new things, and people I've been able to experience and meet this summer. Because I was spending my summer traveling across the country (more on that later), I directed my way toward Colorado and met up with the wonderful people at Summit Ministries. As it turns out, I was asked to stay on with them for the next month and help lead the program as a staff member. I was thrilled and my time there quickly became a highlight of my summer road trip.

One of those highlights included the opportunity to have photo shoots with students.  This shoot featured today, however, was different. Ten students formed a grouped, combined their money, and bought a photo shoot. The difference? All of the proceeds went to Save the Storks, - an organization that provides expectant women with enough information and resources to choose life.  Not only did these students outbid all of their peers, exceed the original suggested donation amount and get a fun photo shoot with their new friends, but their contribution helped save two lives - lives that might just change the world as we know it.

Everyone, meet Rene, Cameron, Rebekah, Rachel, Seth, Elena, Jonathan, Daniele, Isaac, and Abby! This is part 1 of that day's adventures!







We kind of had a lot of fun taking pictures and hanging out together, as you can see. I know I had a blast and they made my job super easy! Despite blazing heat from Garden of the Gods rocks, speed walking due to time constraints, hot bus rides, and avoiding (as much as possible) pouring rain, these guys were fantastic to work with and always provided a laugh!

Be sure to check back on Wednesday for part 2 - with Elena, Jonathan, Daniele, Isaac, and Abby!


--Tara M.