Week[end] : Fall Friday


While most people are enjoying crispy fall leaves outside (and taking selfies with golden trees), I'm inside with loads of editing to do. I am not unhappy about that, however, because I have created a rather delightful atmosphere inside: a cozy chair for reading, a candle to flavor the air, and movie soundtracks playing softly in the background.

One of my goals for fall is to take more time to read everyday. And while I have quite a lengthy list of books to dive into, I'm always grateful for a change up! My mom gave me Annie F. Downs' book, Let's All Be Brave, for my birthday and boy has it done my soul a world of good. Annie is hilarious, down to earth, and blunt about the truth. With each new chapter I was underlining multiple sections out of conviction or because of my sheer joy in realizing, "I DO THAT TOO!"

I finished the book this morning and thought I'd share it with you - it's a must read!

Mmmm, this Friday has been off to a good start!

But tell me about YOU, what are some of the books on your fall reading list? Maybe starting a book list is the next brave thing you need to do. And we can do that together!


--Tara M.