*Cue any Ben Rector song....

Nate and Sarah have been dear friends for the last three or four years and when Nate asked Sarah out in January, I couldn't have been more ecstatic! Some say that being in a relationship is both crazy fun and crazy difficult and Nate and Sarah could vouch that to be very true. It takes commitment and thinking of someone else in nearly everything you do. It also could go without saying that dating long distance (you know, like 1100 miles type of distance!) brings challenges all its own! So when Sarah and Nate travel to see each other the happiness meter couldn't be higher!

If you were on Instagram (find me @paratattengale) last night, you might have gasped when you saw a preview of Nate and Sarah's pictures. Well friend, prepare yourself again because this entire shoot will take your breath away!

[Psssst! I saved the best for last!]

Am I right? They are such a cute couple! Sarah giggled throughout the entire shoot and I couldn't help but smile behind the camera, myself!

*Take a deep breath.


--Tara M.