A Little Throwback for Thursday


Probably like many other individuals, I have a sweet spot for Throwback Thursday. Whoever it was that initiated the trend, I am grateful! I mean, really. We now have a socially acceptable excuse to share those terrible 1980-2000's photos, that one picture you posted over and over again because you just liked it that much (and thanks to #tbt, you can!) or if you're like me and overly sentimental, you have a platform to share that one day we did that one thing with everyone who follows you. Whatever your posting strategies may be this is your moment, this is your day, to have your friends double tap even if they aren't part of the inside joke.

There are some days, however, where I am more grateful, more aware, of how much family actually matters - or should matter. I wasn't raised in a perfect family and quite frankly no one was. But one thing I can say is that my family has always been there. We've shared joyous celebrations together and have also experienced what seems like devastating blows together. There are all kinds of memories, good and bad, that we can choose to focus on and base our overall impression of our families upon. But a challenge, and an encouragement, is to take this Thursday and consider the things that make you lucky to be in the family you're in. Regardless of the circumstances you may currently be experiencing, there has to be at least one thing that you've learned from or because of your family.


In May my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. I knew she was having a biopsy done but I never thought that the results would actually come back and say CANCER. I've had dear friends that have had this as part of their family's story but it wouldn't need to be part of mine, surely. This summer has indeed been an interesting one, but not one without hope. And not without my family coming closer together - which could be considered sort of a miracle.


Though these pictures may not be fantastic per se, they are dear to me. They tell a story of a family. A family that reunited at that one place, that one time, before that one surgery. A family that is still united despite our struggles and overall messy lives.


Perspective is everything and we have to find the balance. This isn't a Throwback to initiate the "sorry to hear," or "that must be really hard," comments but instead, a charge to spend this Thursday considering what you do have.  I'm learning to grow into what that looks like everyday. Join me?

#tbt to that one time we took pictures on the deck. Together.

As a side note, Momma is doing great - currently undergoing chemo treatments and just as spunky as ever with or without all of her hair. She is still beautiful, as always.


--Tara M.