My camera must have a special love for blue-eyed beauties, because Kelsey's eyes are stunning (no photoshop)! I first met Kelsey this past August in Kansas City (yes, one of my many visits - there will be more KC photo shoots in the future, so just expect them!) and her eyes were the first thing that stood out to me. Okay, so being honest, I can't get over people's eyes - I mean everyone's are SO different!!! *okay, okay, I'll stop gushing...

What really caught my attention, however, was Kelsey's attitude and joy towards life. She is authentic in who she is: kind, determined and hard-working, hilarious, genuine, and just makes you feel awesome when you're around her. I like contagious people like that. Did I mention she's a ballerina? So add "graceful" to that list and you've got an accurate picture of this girl!

Kelsey's boyfriend, Keith, made her this watch. When they talked on the phone he would casually pick away at his desk. Then he got the idea to make that section of his desk into a watch to represent all the time they've talked, laughed, and shared about life together. WHAT. So cute!

Unbelievable. Kelsey, you are gorgeous and a dear friend! Thanks for adventuring with me, inspiring me, and doing crazy fast photo shoots with me. You're the best!


--Tara M.