Personal : Coffee with Him


I count my blessings to have several Grandpa-like figures in my life. I've grown up with this man being Grandpa, though that title was one I asked his permission for when I was five years old. I remember that day staring into his kind face and saying, "Mr. Anderson, can I call you Grandpa instead?" He didn't hesitate in his reply. In those days my family would take a "weekend vacation" and travel 45 minutes south to stay with the Andersons. Grandma and Grandpa's house was a place of of reprieve. We always had healthy (but yummy) food, rides in Grandpa's antique cars he had redone, tea from real china, and entertainment in the pool or talking to their pet parrots.

Today a lot of things have changed. Grandma is gone, the cars are almost all sold, and food is best found at a Cracker Barrel. But I'm so grateful that Grandpa's wisdom, love for stories, and smile hasn't changed. Every time I see him he asks if I'm married yet and then pats my hand and says something like, "Only let a man have you, a man who loves Jesus and respects you. But honey, you're lovely just like you are. And really, only God matters..." Then he buys me a coffee because he likes "treating beautiful dames." Ah, so cute!

"Oh sweetheart, I don't know what the secret was...We lived on love. Is that what we did? We sure didn't save any money - we made memories together."

"Life gives us changes, and we change. The objective is to change for the good!..."

"If you don't do the right thing, then you have sorrow later on. This is where His freedom comes in. Otherwise we only live with guilt, you see. But the thing is, He never intended us to have guilt..."


He's just so great. And handsome. A keeper, that's for sure!  Hey, maybe you can snag a coffee with someone special this weekend?! Take time to just listen and be. Happy Friday, everyone!


--Tara M.