One of my favorite people is gracing the blog today : Eliza.

She is spunky, caring, suuuuper fashionable, and knows who she is and how to express herself! Also, did I mention that I live with her and her awesome family? So you can imagine just how common it is for Eliza to hear my sudden squeals as I work through beautiful images. She is quite patient and always celebrates with me and my sudden outbursts of joy. I just couldn't contain myself as I worked through her shoot and teased her with numerous Snapchat peeks of her pictures. And more than once I ran up into her room and hugged her because I was so excited! I absolutely loved capturing her fantastic style and personality.

Though there will probably be more shoots to come (I mean, why would you not when you live with someone so photogenic?!), this one definitely goes down on the books as one of my favorite shoots to date!!!


This light, her outfit choice & lipstick, that architecture --- love

Is she not absolutely incredible?!

Eliza, I'm so grateful to have met you three years ago and to have become such great friends and dreamers together! Congratulations on graduating high school (and some college) - I'm so proud of you!!!


--Tara M.