WEEKEND WEAR : Gimme That Urban Fancy


It's no lie that spring has officially come.
Along with it are those busier schedules. And somehow you gotta run errands, maybe work on your feet for several hours, and then change for that rooftop dinner with friends. Because you know, friends & rooftops are good things.

Oh wait, you're traveling?

Even better.
Even more complicated.

I say you pack in a carryon, buy an iced somethin somethin, and pack in the same color tones for easy outfit combination options! And that's exactly what's up for today: Two entirely different looks (with their own changeups).

(Photos by Jessica Lauren, edited by me)

Gimme that urban fancy with these one-piece shenanigans.
1 dress.
1 romper. 

The inspo? Earth Day. 
Because this plant momma finds any reason to celebrate
...and wear ma greens.

See what I did there? ;) 

Change it up:
The real story is that I have side-zipper jacket. But it was left behind by accident. Yet, what are the odds that your friend has almost an identical jacket in her backseat? Yes, that happened. And the new change-up-look was saved just like that.

From Jessica: "You're welcome."

Next, those fancy rooftop dinners. Because hullo, the weather is warm. 
Get out, clang a glass & laugh a little, will you?
Let your hair down.

And by that I mean, put it up, up!

Change it up:
Remember Earth Day? Add green to your black and put on some heels. Why? Do you even need a reason...

Side note: I think if you don't wear green on earth day weekend, you should be pinched (or is it playfully punched?) like you would be on St Patricks day. Just my Irish-plant-momma-roots-coming-out.

Shop this Look: 

|| Jackie Layered Romper: Tobi.com. Bralette: Gifted. Berks: Goodwill (ikr?!). Necklace: Forever 21, borrowed from a friend. Purse: Gifted from my momma. Side-Zipper Jacket: Banana Republic, borrowed from said friend.
Nike Tennis Shoes: Rack Room Shoes, on sale.

Heart Strings Maxi Dress: Tobi.com. Cream Flats: Gifted. Stud Earrings: Gifted. Brown Heels: Lucky Brand - DSW, clearanced. Green purse: Gifted from my momma. Location: Lafayette Square, St Louis Missouri. || 

Any fun weekend plans?

I'm off to shoot a senior session.
Greet the husband at the airport at midnight.
And then shooting a wedding tomorrow.

Oh and earth day? The Bride and Groom are planting at tree. That's my kind of unity candle, folks.

--Tara M