WEEKEND WEAR : A Dress For the Office & A Date [+ Coffee]


I stumbled upon this dress, really. It was a "one last glance" through the aisles of fabric when I found it last year. I wasn't sure about it, tried it on and then saw the potential. So much potential where it sat in my closet for 6 months. We've all done it: Find something you like then get it home and rack your brain for what you saw in it in the first place. Or am I the only one? That being said, I'm more than willing to take a risk on a $4 dress because the chances of it being uh-mazing in some way or another are higher than not. And now it's an all time favorite!!! I just love the way this can go from carefree-professional and to boho with minimal changes!

(Photos by Betsy, edited by me)

The Look: For a "meeting" or "business" attire I always love pairing a piece with movement with one that is structured. In this case, a blazer. To add interest, I rolled up the sleeves and accessorized with one simple bracelet.

Mix it up: Step one: Add coffee from Old Town Alexandria's gem of a place - "Killer E.S.P." coffee shop. Step two: Add new favorite cardigan (hullo olive green & thank you again h&m), vintage boots, and briiiiight lipstick. It's the idea of going from office by day to dinner with friends/your guy by night. Swap the jacket & shoes and voila!...

Fun Fact: So, I actually love this combination SO much (it was an out of the blue pairing - because I forgot the cardigan that was "scheduled" to go with it) that I have REPEATED it a few times. Can you believe that?! Also, when your guy looks at you and says, "I really loved your outfit today..." that's code that it's a keeeeeper! Yay!

This batwing cardigan is so soft and so easily packable that I'm quite tempted to get one in every color!

So while it may be December, this weather is uncommonly warm - meaning I'm not wearing a flannel everyday, all day. Don't be shy in adding tights and a cardigan to your favorite summer dress! And when it comes to Christmas time, I'm all about subtly incorporating those holiday colors into my wardrobe. See what I did here?....

|| Dress: Goodwill find. Cardigan: JCPenny (long time ago), clearanced. Tights & Jewelry: Gifted. Heels: Kohls, with coupon. Cardigan: H&M, NOT on sale *gasp. Lipstick: MaryKay. Coffee: Killer E.S.P. in Old Town, Alexandria just outside of Washington D.C. ||

MERRY CHRISTMAS, friends!!!!! I hope yours is spent with dear ones from all around and that your styling is effortless and gorgeous (for pictures and dinner, you know!). And for all you late shoppers, tell me all your secrets?! Love you all!

--Tara M.