A New England Surprise 40th Anniversary Party : Steve & Sis


It all began when they were twelve. Sis brought flowers one day to school to put on her desk and Steve asked if he could smell them. But when the teacher embarrassed Sis in front of the whole class for doing so, Steve stood up for her and took the blame. Skip a few years and this jock and class president married the shy girl on April 12, 1975.

Now, 40 years later, I jumped on a plane to York, Maine, to help pull off a surprise anniversary party that would go down in history! Friends gathered from literally all moments of Steve & Sis' life to show their love and support. The setting? Fort Foster with a perfect overlook of the ocean (with sailboats!!!), a pig roast gifted by Classic Roast & BBQ (family-friends who hail from Oahu originally), and oldies jamming in the background!

The story: "Come to Fort Foster for a Father's Day picnic and Tara - who is randomly in town continuing her last summer's road trip adventures - will take a few family pictures!" But that didn't quite cut it. So I scheduled a couple session (no, literally) and "wanted to catch up with Johnny before flying out" to add validity to our story. And because it was a few months after their anniversary, Steve & Sis were simply shocked.

The pig roast, corn on the cob, veggie rolls, and kabobs were nothing short of delicious. Not to mention the beautiful display of food and plethora of side dishes that made this a summer shindig to remember!

It was such a special moment when the Best Man got up once again to make a toast to the couple and when Steve & Sis cut their cake. Capturing a "wedding party" picture 40 years later was also surreal and a personal highlight! Many tears and stories ensued as Steve and Sis looked around at the friends and family that gathered to celebrate them...

And because we were on the coast of Maine, I just couldn't resist a few shots on the rocks to finish this love story celebration!

Congratulations once again Steve & Sis! It was such an honor to be part of this special day commemorating your love and respect for each other! You and your family's friendship has meant the world to me and I'm so grateful to have a place in Maine whenever the opportunity presents itself again. Steve, our deep "life-update" conversations are ones I truly treasure. Sis, your hugs and genuine care and compassion towards those you come in contact with is something I want to emulate - thank you for your beautiful example. Love you!


--Tara M.