A Rustic Indiana Engagment : Travis & Selah at Saint Joseph's College


I have had the privilege to have late night conversations, coffee dates, and roadtrips with Selah over the last year. When she reached out to me about being her photographer - and informed me that the reason for my services was because she was engaged - I was shocked and promptly squealed on the phone with her!

We went to Saint Joseph's College, in our little hometown of Rensselaer, Indiana, for their engagement session. Saint Joe holds a lot of sweet memories for me personally, but was also such a great location to introduce Travis and Selah to. They are that down-to-earth, country loving, line dancing, and free spirited type of couple. And they have a fun & hilarious love story to share...

He tells me that the day he first walked into the office I flirted with him. But he's mistaken. That day, he just wouldn't talk and I refused to be bored! Months turned into a year, and we barely knew each other. I was in college, working three jobs including the chiropractor's office that we met at, and he was working full-time in construction as a carpenter. But I enjoyed the few conversations we did have. I didn't really think we'd ever BE anything. One day, however, he invited me to a get-together with his family and friends for volleyball. I said maybe and dismissed it from my mind, thinking that it'd be too weird. But he followed up later and for some reason I agreed to go.

After that night, we stayed in touch but mostly met up at DC's Country Junction for line dancing (which was always a blast), and any other events he invited me to. It wasn't long before I realized I kind of liked this guy. But I was scared of relationships. Plus, he probably didn't like me anyway. I guess you could say our friendship reached that plateau where we either stopped talking or went further. But I was still in denial and told myself over and over that he was jut my best friend...It took him pulling me out on the dance floor, during a slow song, for me to realize I'd been lying to myself. This all had been orchestrated from the beginning. He said it best the other day, "Our friendship was not (often) serious, we were too scared to be."

I first realized I loved him when he left for a job in Florida for three long months. Yet, surprisingly the distance made us closer. I was shell-shocked when one day I heard his truck pull up to the barn I was working at. "Impossible," I thought, "this is a whole month early!.." But there he was, rounding the corner and walking towards me. Soon after, we realized that although we had hung out and done multiple things together with friends and family, we had never gone on an "official" date, just us.

It was April 15th. He picked me up at six and I noticed he was nervous. But again, I dismissed it, thinking it was because it was our first date. After dinner, however, Travis casually said, "So, I talked to your dad." Oblivious, I responded, Oh? Good talk? "...Yeah, real good." Next thing I know he was getting up. He dropped a knee in front of me and said those 7 words I was not expecting to hear for a while, "Selah Marie Davis, will you marry me?"

I always said I wanted to marry my best friend, possessing a list of godly qualities, of course. And now that it's happening, it's surreal...

Isn't that just adorable? These two tie the knot THIS WEEKEND and I just can't wait for their rustic, barn wedding at the Luke's family farm!!! Keep your eyes peeled, folks, its going to be a party (complete with a dance floor Travis is building)!


--Tara M.