A Weekend Wear Guest : Style with Morgan


I wouldn't say our styles are similar or that we even shop at the same places, but I've always admired my friend Morgan's approach to fashion. She's the type of person you can solve the problems of the world with, dream with, and, of course, brainstorm style with - even if we aren't drawn to the same pieces. So, for a little Weekend Wear change up, meet Morgan!

Styling Morgan: When I asked Morgan if I could feature her on Weekend Wear she immediately agreed if I would style the outfits. As we all can probably attest, sometimes you just need a fresh approach to pieces that start to feel old. So a few weeks ago she hauled a bunch of her favorite pieces over to my house and we scattered combination options all over my bed.

The goal: To maintain Morgan's personal style while suggesting a few ways to freshen it up - even if it seemed a little crazy to her. Morgan was a trooper and tried some of the suggestions that seemed beyond her normal "go-to."  For example, this giraffe shirt is actually a blouse with a bow - so I suggested tucking the bow inside for a cleaner neckline option.

Mixing it up: Morgan could easily untuck the blouse & pair it with skinny jeans for a classy evening style. With the bow tucked in she could also add a statement necklace just like you would with any other shirt. Next, we started with a new base piece - a favorite sun dress (isn't this color fantastic on her?!).

Suggested Refreshes: Adding a pattern belt fell within Morgan's natural style and was an addition she loved. But when I suggested bringing the giraffe blouse back into the picture she was a bit shocked. We tried buttoning it, but that didn't work well. We tried belting it and that didn't flatter the dress either. However, it had potential and I didn't want to give up just yet. Sometimes you just have try things on and give it time. At the end, Morgan agreed that it was very outgoing for her to wear, but sided with me in liking it after all (she was being honest, too)!

Why it worked: By leaving the blouse unbuttoned it became a fun summer vest. Sure, the bow wanted to slip out a few times but with a little tucking it stayed in place.

|| Giraffe shirt: Tommy Hilfiger outlet/on sale. Navy shorts: JCrew Factory Outlet, clearanced. Keds: DSW with coupon. Blue Collared Dress: JCrew factory outlet clearance. Brown Sandals: Marshalls, purchased with gift money. Purse: Thrifted. Belt: From another dress, on sale. ||

What do you think of Morgan's style? If you want, send her some love in the comments!


--Tara M.