WEEKEND WEAR : Academics & Matching Pants


I was tired of looking at the same 4 walls. I needed a change-up and yet, it needed to be really productive change-up. Because as dreamy as it is to have a week off, it can make for a hard transition back into working full-time. And while I love traveling and having the ability to have an office anywhere, anytime, I didn't go far yesterday. 25 minutes to be exact. Because 25 minutes away there's this funny girl over at the University of Richmond I can't get enough of. She's got style, sass, and is the type of company that also allows you to. get. stuff. done.

No, we weren't intentionally both wearing our new shirts (*cough recent sale racks) OR both trying to wear our green skinnies on the same day as each other. But it happened. And instead of feeling awkward about it, we modeled our looks with confidence.

Today's Look: A typical day of work in an office, - a.k.a. wherever feels inspirational - or school for Liza, and an urban approach to celebrating green & St. Patrick's Day yesterday.

BANGS shoes, if you don't know, help entrepreneurs start their businesses. No really, they do, right here in the U.S. Their mission in helping others is incredible, not to mention their shoe design. It's a movement & a partnership you can join. Eliza hasn't stopped wearing hers & telling their story since her pair arrived...

My look: I chose gold sandals & jewelry to add a bit of fancy to an otherwise super casual style. P.S. My hair is still teased and curled from modeling the other day - hence the wind befriending the fly-aways more than usual. Also, I'm convinced having a cute laptop bag that matches your style and/or brand is an essential staple for any boss lady.

Oh, and my office and Liza's study choice for the day? How about this 1924 gem of a place: Ryland Hall.

Every time I step foot on this campus I'm inspired and feel brilliant just walking through these archways. The quiet study halls set in the midst of history, murmur of academia, and coffee breaks did me good...

|| Eliza: Cactus Shirt and Green Skinnies: H&M, on sale. Shoes: Bangs.  Watch: Her dads from high school. Rings: assorted places & stories. Me: Striped shirt: H&M, on sale. Skinnies: Thrifted. Sandals & sunglasses: Target. Ecosusi Laptop bag: Gifted. Bracelet: Madewell. Ring: My mom. Earrings: Thrifted. ||

Happy Friday, friends!

--Tara M.