ARTIST FEATURE : Carter Stuart - The Next Beatrix Potter | Richmond, VA


"The world needs you and your talents," they say. And can I just be honest? I've met a girl that I SEE this written all over her: Artist & illustrator, Carter Stuart. Her gift for painting life-like portraits is simply awe-inspiring. And her illustrations for children's books are full of wit and wisdom that will soon be known in every household.

So when Carter asked if I would do head shots for her new website coming later this year, I couldn't believe my luck. Um, yes! Partnering with such talented artists - in the truest sense of the word - and their ever evolving story is simply unbelievable.

"Impressionism by John Singer Sargent or Edgar Degas is so inspiring to me. Their attention to light and color coupled with movement - be it in grand kingly palaces or simply everyday experiences - amazes me because of the story each piece so effortlessly tells."

Ugh. This shot, Carter! Stahhhpit.

Remember when I had tea with Carter a few weeks back? She opened her sketchbook to me and I was cordially introduced to her little friends. And by friends I mean illustrated penguins of course. Doing all kinds of silly. Experiencing all the things humans try to grapple with too - such as flying or the woes of shopping. "My illustration loves & inspiration come primarily from Beatrix Potter and any other old school pen & ink seen in your favorite classics or fairy tales like Alice in Wonderland..."

Put simply, Carter is one of the most dynamic artists I've ever encountered. Her passion for storytelling brings a smile to anyone's face. And yet, there's a seriousness AND contagious sense of humor that keeps you wondering & wanting more from her...

Best Emma Thompson look alike & expression out there!...

Be it over tea or singing along with Rosemary Clooney in the car, Carter is an old soul & kindred spirit. Her talent is unreal and I can't wait to watch her art take over the world. Because friends, it's just simply a matter of time...

Visit her facebook page for glimpses of her artwork and leave some love for Carter in the comments, too!

--Tara M.