BABY PORTRAITS : Gerber Baby Contestant, Drew!


There's this little guy, Drew, who has the chance of becoming the next Gerber baby model - but he needs your help! He's up against some pretty cute competition and has to move past the preliminary rounds before he can smile for a panel of judges.  But how? You! Keep reading.

I know, I know, everyone thinks they have THE most adorable baby on the planet but seriously, Drew has what it takes! I don't think I have to convince you that he has a smile that should appear on every baby shower gift you buy from here on out! And, you could even feel a little famous yourself for voting for him - double win!


Here's how to help Drew (and his parents) out!

  • Go to Gerber's site - click here.
  • They'll ask you for YOUR info & email, just to make sure you're a real person voting. They will not spam you!
  • Enter Drew's ID to go straight to his picture: 298930
  • You can vote once per day until Sunday, December 14th!!!
  • Share with your friends & get them to vote!

Are you convinced yet?!

Drew's mom, Stephanie, and I grew up together and let me tell you, we carried our "babies" around everywhere we went - the county fair, WalMart, church, you name it, we had our baby dolls with us. Now, fast forward 15 years or so, it's so surreal to have the privilege to photograph Stephanie's real baby boy!

There's simply too much cute-factor going on! If you agree, take a moment and vote!!!! Note, you're not voting on these pictures (I just couldn't pass up the photo shoot and opportunity to spread the word!), but you'll recognize him. Thanks in advance!


--Tara M.