WEEKEND WEAR : Bringing Taylor at the Grammy's to Your Everyday Girl Style


 The runway inspires me. Mainly because I'm not expecting a particular type of fabric, cut, or accessory that's used. Raise your hand if you watched the Grammy's last weekend?! I had friends who were actually there and walked the red carpet. But before I get carried away by how jealous I was (#truth), I loved tuning in early for the pre-show when everyone is showing off their wears! Tswift made this I-own-nothing-fucshia girl want to buy something fucshia. And pronto!

And while today's look has nothing to do with the Grammy's fashion trends (because let's be real, I don't own anything that epic), I do have that spring fever because of Taylor's colorful combo last Monday! I'm running everywhere today finishing up my REBRAND (launching TOMORROW), but I just couldn't leave you hanging for some Weekend Wear style inspiration, right?

(Photos by Emily, edited by me)

The Look: Bolder oranges (varying in hues) paired with denim for the everyday girl. I've been dying to show you this new hat Santa brought me! My grandpa had a hat like this. He wore it when he picked vegetables from the garden each summer. His was probably real denim though...

Experiment: I swapped the denim shoes & hat in for my denim/cotton blazer. I chose to accent with black because of the lapel and kept the style of flats pointed-toe (what's the official term for those, anyway?). The surprise element - at least for me - cheetah!

Mix it up: With a skirt this versatile, going from casual to classy doesn't take much. And while I could have easily stayed with the original orange tshirt, I felt like the orange in the cheetah would have been a bit too much.

You could style your hair up to show off larger earrings, add a necklace, or leave the jacket unbuttoned to show the skirt's waistline. The idea is to play with simple changes!

P.S. This is just a black tank top I usually wear as an under layer...

|| Skirt: H&M, on sale. v-neck tshirt: Hand-me-down. Denim Flats: Walmart. Denim hat: Old Navy, clearanced. Hoop Earrings: Thrifted. Black layering tanktop: Walmart. Denim blazer: Kohls, clearanced. Black Flats: Old Navy, on sale. Ring: Lou Lou's Boutique. Location: Huguenot Road, Richmond, Virginia. ||

I'm off to my final meeting with my website designer to wrap up today's final edits! Let's do this dance!

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--Tara M.