Candice & Jonathan || Adventure Session At Gold Creek Pond - Snoqualmie Pass, Washington


Those moments when your stomach hurts from laughing so hard.
When the conversation turns deep.
And you talk shop.
And then laughter ensues all the more. 

I can't believe this session - for my own personal, creative work - was nearly a year ago. This adventure with friends of a friend. 

Snoqualmie Pass will never cease to amaze me.
The more I go, the more I understand why West Coast is Best Coast.
Here's a few favorites, enjoy!


Candice & Jonathan are full of those
simplistic, yet profound thoughts
on life,
love, & work.
She's a photographer too and he's her hero.

I wasn't expecting to feel so enlivened, emboldened, and brimming with a renewed sense of creativity but when it's so contagious from those who walk the walk? It just comes.

She leaned forward and at the top of her lungs sang, 
"Smelly cat, smelly cat, WHAT are they feeding you?.."


They knew the path like the back of their hand. 
My footsteps filled with more and more excitement the further we went. 

The sun was fading quickly. But who cared? 
Challenge accepted.

We rounded the bend.

Light that had just moments before been swallowed by those gorgeous firs was now bragging its last minutes. 

My pace quickened.
And then my jaw dropped.
You better believe I cranked those settings.

Because, I mean...

Where will you go on your next adventure?
And can I come, too?
Hit me up.

--Tara M