COUPLE SESSION : Instagram Hullo's, Macaroons, & Boyfriends || Nat & Tyler, Richmond, Virginia


The evening had almost ended and just a few of us still lingered - to finish off the macaroons and punch (am I right or am I right?). I was bummed a little because earlier that day I had commented, "Hey! Let's meet in person today," and it looked like I was being stood up. Then this cute, stylish girl walked over. As we shook hands, both our eyes suddenly widened and simultaneous squeals escaped! True story.

And I get it. In the wedding industry, there's a lot of married people. It makes sense. But what about your significant other - regardless of the status of your relationship? You want everyone to know - even the mountains - just how much you love 'em!  And I knew Natalie felt the same about her guy.

Because this is what I do. You have a story. And I happen to have a pen.

"It's funny (and really embarrassing). I actually have liked Tyler before he even knew I existed! I was 12 years old when I first noticed Tyler and immediately had a crush on him!..."

"Here we are (fast forward 10 years) and we’ve been together for 5 of those years! I never expected to be in long-term relationship at the age of 21, but Tyler just kind of happened. We have gone through so much together, and I don't know where I would be without him..."

Ugh, too much! I love Natalie’s carefree spirit and the way Tyler comes alive when she laughs. Also, Monument Avenue has way too many pretty places to be in love at...

“The best part of being with him? At the end of the day he's not only my boyfriend but he’s also my best friend. You could say that eating, adventures, and snuggles are our favorite things and I love that.”

I think they should be models. But that's just my opinion.

Love has many sides and one day maybe I'll come up with a list of perfect adjectives. But, really, I think it's simpler than all that. Love could be described as a conglomeration of genuine conversations, glances, and for Natalie & I, often developed over a cup of coffee (Hullo Lamplighter Coffee!). It's the way you feel towards the other and a commitment to keep pursuing that...

"I love doing things like this. But really, anything. He makes me feel so cute!"

"No one can make me laugh like him and that is SO important to me. I can't wait to laugh with him for 5 more years...and hopefully long past that."

Nat & Tyler, thanks for being hilarious & so down to earth! And Natalie, I'll never forget that first meeting - mouths full of macaroons & the squeals that made everyone look at us. Thanks for being my fellow twenty-something-photographer-with-big-dreams-and-handsome-boyfriends-partner-in-crime! You're the best.

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--Tara M.