Community Over Competition : Portraits with Sarah


I've seen it trending recently - this idea of community over competition. And, in today's market of creative entrepreneurs, it's really easy to feel protective and closed about your craft. Yet the question must be asked. How did you get to where you are today? Probably because there was hard work and someone who believed in you when it felt like no one else did. My dear friend Sarah, of Sarah Kane Photography, has been a great example of this concept and I've been simply overwhelmed by her generosity.

As someone new to business myself, I've had so many questions and have often needed someone to brainstorm with. Sarah has been there. She's helped and encouraged me with anything from taxes and legalities to lending me lenses and props for my spur the moment shoots. I'm so grateful!

So when Sarah asked if I would be willing to do some new head shots for her own website, I was thrilled to help out.  Here are a few favorites from our shoot together!

I love it that Sarah wanted to show more of a spunky side, too. When she's not photographing, Sarah loves to read, write and play music, spend time with her adorable little boys, do anything DIY, and go on dates with her husband.

Isn't she beautiful? Looking forward to more shoots together and what this friendship will bring for the both of us! So far, we've had a blast helping each other with DIY wedding bouquets, farm weddings, my Weekend Wear and styled shoots.



--Tara M