Encountering Authenticity : Why I Photograph


There is mystery, a particular dose of curiosity you suddenly feel, about a person you encounter in a great photograph. They have somehow managed to get past their personal insecurities and have grabbed hold of a something real. Sometimes there is a look of desperation in their eye. Sometimes it’s an invitation to quit the small talk and go deeper. In either case, it’s a look we all, at some point, posses. That is, we long to be seen, to be truly known.

As a photographer, I’ve made it my job to discover who people really are. To capture raw emotion as it reveals itself, seize the curious glance, and make the beauty timeless. It’s a documentation of a particular person and the circumstances that surround them. Their humanness. The thing that makes those nearest them fall in love all over again.

It’s a way of seeing and opening yourself to being seen.

True beauty that captivates and shirks the constraints of time can’t be edited out or added in. It’s you, simply, authentically you. Beauty contains the marks of your story – the pain, joy, trials and dreams yet to be realized.

The world needs to know who you are.

This is why I photograph.



--Tara M.