ENGAGEMENT SESSION : Steve & Alicia at Belle Isle


There's only so much that can be said, and really it only scratches the surface, of how thrilling it is to capture a couple's love during their engagement and wedding day celebrations! Steve and Alicia are no exception and it's been a joy to work with them thus far.

Alicia and I have already shared coffee together and I can hold my own (sort of) in discussing soccer (football) with Steve. I love it when you can become fast friends with clients! When he was seventeen, Steve moved from England with his father and later met Alicia through their mutual jobs at Sun Trust. And I guess you could say the rest is history now.

But they do a much better job telling their story! So without further ado, enjoy my favorites from our session at Belle Isle and a personal peek into their love story...

"I joke that it’s his accent that made me fall for him but in reality it’s how much he loves his family, how hard he works and how I know without a doubt no one has loved me the way he does.

Over the past two years we have gone to England to celebrate his Grandmother’s 90th birthday, driven to New York to visit the farm where I grew up, saw my little brother get married, built a new house together and raised a really fantastic 4 year old together. The history is important but it is what we do with our future and the memories that we build that are really what define us."

Right before their session, I read a quote that said that love is seen by the look in his eyes and the smile on her face...or something like that. Needless to say, I nearly lost it with these two and their joy for each other!

"What it all comes down to is I just knew that Steve was the one who I wanted to grow old with. When I picture my life I see him laughing next to me during the happy times, supporting me during the hard times and being by my side as Aili grows up. Our story is about respect, friendship, companionship, family, happiness and most importantly it is about love."

I've loved getting to know Steve and Alicia through their engagement session and am so looking forward to capturing them tying the knot in Richmond this August! There will be touches of English tradition, friends from across the way, and roaring laughter and toasts all around for these two! Stay tuned...

Happy Tuesday everyone!


--Tara M.