ESSENTIALISM : The Issue With Big Dreamers


It's astounding to me just how much thinking I've been doing the past three weeks. From personal growth, questioning why I do what I do (in the most positive way, no worries), to dreaming bigger and actually speaking those dreams out loud. I have more head space. I feel more creative than ever. And yet if you looked at the bank account or the schedule, it all points to what would usually be perceived as nothing short of disheartening. Real talk: I've had my healthy share of tears this month. But also, I've had new ideas too. And THAT makes all the difference.

It's this idea of Essentialism. And how I can, to quote Greg McKeown, "cut out the trivial many and say yes to the vital few."

I'll be talking more about what life changes have happened when I blog my monthly recap, but today I'm being whipped into shape. I'm exploring new options, new ways of thinking and that's not easy. I'm exploring what it means to dream bigger while meeting short term needs & goals. And I guess, I want you to clear your head and maybe even your plate with me. Because big dreamers like you and I need a spring clean every now and then. You see, that's the issue with big dreamers. We often stay in a state of dreaming, don't follow through, and say yes to every dream that comes our way...

HERE'S MY SOLUTION: Focus on only one thing. Write it down, then check it off. Then add another thing. Do it. Move on.

"...the killer question when deciding which activities to eliminate is: 'If I didn't have this opportunity, what would I be willing to do to acquire it?' Of course, finding the discipline to say no to opportunities - often very good opportunities - that come your way in work and life is infinitely harder...But find it you must, because remember that anytime you fail to "no" to a nonessential, you are really saying yes by default. So once you have sufficiently explored your options, the question you should be asking yourself is not: 'What, of my list of competing priorities, should I say yes to?' Instead ask the essential question: 'What will I say no to?' This is the question that will uncover your true priorities." - Essentialism by Greg McKeown, pg 117.

You got this Tuesday! Alright, GO TEAM!

--Tara M.