EVENT : A Valentine's Day Party to Remember


Sometimes when the "love holiday" comes around each year it can cause unrest and a keen awareness of not having a date (or that your date is long distance...). But that doesn't automatically mean that Valentine's Day can't be celebrated, right? In my book, that gives all the more reason to throw a party, eat fantastic food and watch a sappy movie. 

Therefore, I excitedly invited a few girls to join me, made a Pinterest board (what? I got really into it!), and spent most of the day planning and decorating and helping Eliza bake things. Or really, I just watched her bake things. We made red velvet brownies and a braided Nutella bread. Killeen and Morgan added guacamole and chips to the table. Coffee was served and soon we were all quoting and swooning over Mr. Darcy for the rest of the night.

Joy, Morgan, Killeen, and Eliza - thanks for being so girly with me and kicking the Valentine's week off in such a fun way. I'm grateful for each of you!

Decorations ||  Ironed tissue paper, crepe paper streamers, cut out cardstock hearts (little girl nostalgia right there!), carnation flowers, and handwritten "love" notes.


--Tara M.