WEEKEND WEAR : Fall Style With a Summer Twist


This summer I scored on several sales (see some of those pieces here and here!) and while I'm so excited for chillier weather, I'm having a hard time letting go of my summerwear just yet! The concept of putting tights under shorts is not really new to the fashion scene, but is, perhaps, overlooked by the everyday girl...Or your younger brother who only thinks shorts are for when it's hot and tights must mean it's cold outside - poor guy, he was so confused!

Anyway, today is simple: You need one pair of shorts and one pair of tights. And then all the other pieces just can just fall into place (hehe, see what I did there?)...

(Photos by Eliza, edited by me)

This outfit encompasses some of my favorite things - pattern and texture, olive green, my oxfords, and my new Kate Spade New York earrings (yay for massive clearance sales!). Also, cozy sweaters....

Mix it up: Don't be afraid to go bright! In the first outfit the shorts were more of the statement piece, but with this mustard sweater combination the focus shifts to the use of color and variation of textures (the sweater is wool while the shorts are a light cotton). Also, notice that I can pair a chunkier shoe with this thinner sweater because I don't have a bulky scarf or cardigan on top. ;) It's the little details...

Keeping everything the same except the top and shoes makes for an easy change and is friendly for packing, too! I could have paired a larger belt to really emphasize the waist and/or make it look like a onepiece jumpsuit as well. You could also swap in a different color of tights and let those become the statement piece while keeping everything else matchy!

What do you think? Have you ever worn tights under your favorite summer shorts? Any shorts will do - cotton, jean shorts, even seersucker! Just make your other pieces cozier and you've got yourself a new fall fashion look! 

|| Shorts: H&M, on sale. Green shirt & cream sweater: Rummage sale. Tights & Oxfords: Gifted. Belt: Goodwill. Gold necklace: Originally has a locket on it, but it was a gift. Mustard sweater: Thrifted. Tassle shoes: DSW, with coupon. Earrings: Kate Spade New York, on sale. Location: University of Richmond. ||

--Tara M.