From One 24 Year Old to Another


Today I turn 24.
I am a child of the 90's and my outfit shows that.
Not on purpose, but because its a style I actually like at this point in time.

And if I could share one thing from one 24 year old to another, it would be this:
Be carefree.
Stop striving to be more carefree.
Just make the choice to be.

No one cares as much as you think they do. Stop comparing yourself to others. And while I do think there is always balance needed, I think we also need freedom to just be ourselves. Pursue refinement. But take time to get to know yourself. Rock a ponytail because you want to. Roll the windows down and sing at the top of your lungs because you can. Give love to others, intentionally. Listen and know when you just need to process, unashamed.

I'm not chucking propriety to the wind, but I am embracing more of a carefree perspective. I hope to be more accepting of people's talents and personalities. I can't wait to explore more cities & have more moments. I can't wait to see where and how and more of who Jesus is in the midst of this life as a 24 year old. I never could have seen where I am today if you had asked me four years ago - owning a business, engaged, and a travel junkie. But I love it.

So here's to us...
Thanks for journeying with me.

P.S. There's probs going to be all kinds of snapchatting (Tara Pattengale) & Insta (@PattengalePhoto) updating throughout the day. Let's connect, duh!

--Tara M.