What if I were to tell you that I was gone 24 out of the 31 days of December? It's true. I'm a crazy traveler and am often gone when others are cozying up around the fireplace. To say that this past month was one of considerable growth would be an understatement. I was stretched mentally, emotionally, business wise, and financially. Yet, I'm grateful. And I'm really thankful that the holidays were spent with both my family in Indiana and Stephen's family in Kansas City. There were lazy days of board games and movies and tasty food. I'm ready to get back into a normal routine but before I do, here's a quick look into what the Instagram held this December...

  • A last minute dinner date with my guy turned sad when my car broke down in DC. I'm grateful for friends strong enough to push my car, Uber rides, bus rides, generous hospitality at midnight, and somehow being able to laugh in the midst of tears.
  • Blogged from my heart on 3 Things I've Learned About Being Brave
  • Pour over coffee - enough said
  • Went bowling with the family & favorite guy
  • Partnered with fellow Rising Tide Society member, Tarah Elise Photography, for her brand's relaunch. Because, hullo, we have the same name!
  • Congrats to everyone who became engaged over the holidays!
  • Celebrated TWO YEARS with Stephen (we went to an authentic Italian restaurant in Kansas City...yummmm!)
  • Blogged on Braving To Be Present - a look inside what it means to find balance in work & life - especially during the holidays!
  • Visited Stephen's grandparents - Gram showed me her wedding dress & photo album. Oh, and Gram & Papa modeled for thee most adorable images of my career (coming soon)!

Overall, I'm a big fan of how this December panned out.

Not pictured: Going to the theaters to see STAR WARS in 3D, an ugly sweater Christmas party & awkward family photos, multiple coffee shop work dates, taking an Instagram class (which has me nerding out so much!), experiencing my first Escape Room challenge (we succeeded with 15 minutes to spare), photographing a worship event, going to a conference over New Years, AND having my first official Pattengale Photography brand meeting!!!

Cheers to an incredible New Year! As always, join me over on the Insta (@PattengalePhoto) for the real party & live updates...

--Tara M.