FROM THE INSTA : March-in' To New Things


Ben Rector is on repeat. And Taylor Swift makes her way onto my first ever snapchat video. Maybe one day I'll let a few of you see me dancing in my room to Blank Spaces because I think I'm coming up with some mean dance moves. And by that I mean just lots of jumping. Can't that count as working out?...

Goals. Gosh, they've been hit or miss this month. Mainly because new ones have come along. That, or the new ones are just distractions. At any rate, March shaped up to be a great month - full of immense changes, happiness with my guy, and the ups & downs that I'm learning are "normal," for entrepreneurs. The Instagram saw a good many stories, too!

  • Brunched with a new best friend, Nikki.
  • Rocksbox contacted me and offered me three months of free jewelry rental - um. okay!
  • Mentor photo session with Katriel
  • STEPHEN CAME FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK & we adventured errrrrywhere!
  • Modeled in a BHLDN gown for a styled shoot
  • Several study days at University of Richmond with Liza
  • Had tea with the next Beatrix Potter, basically
  • Shot a lifestyle session with the amazing Choe, of English Tea Paperie, - coming soon!

As far as my 2016 goals go, I'm aiming for "progress not perfection."

  • Drink at least 2 bottles of water each day --> yes!
  • Invest in all natural, paraben-free, cosmetics –-> I just bought paraben free lip paint!
  • Work out 2-3 times each week –-> nope. Did yoga several times though.
  • Cook 2-3 meals from scratch each week –-> I mean, I made myself SOMETHING for lunch each day. Need to get better at this still.
  • Stay relevant with current events/politics at least 3 times per week --> YES!
  • Read a book --> started a new book, "Essentialism" by Greg McKowen
  • Skype with at least one-long distance friend --> YES, actually a new friend via Instagram (#igkc for the win)

Business goals were worked on, some more than others, so I'm pleased...

  • Create blogging workflow & pre-blog consistently --> Brainstormed this
  • Develop workflow systems in office management software --> Researched this
  • Attend at least 1 networking event each month --> Explored venues with an industry friend
  • Create Bridal Guide --> ALMOST done with this!
  • Engage with at least 100 Instagram users per month (about 14 per day) --> Didn’t quite make this goal, but authentically connected with several new followers, so yay!

Things I want to crack down on this next month...

  • Working out more regularly
  • Continue to drink at least 2 big glasses of water
  • Get 7-8 hours of sleep each night
  • Bake muffins & freeze extra
  • Practice piano (totally failed at this in March)
  • Develop a better budgeting system
  • Intentionally connect in community - especially with a new part time job to juggle
  • Continue to stay on track with BSchool curriculum

NEW THINGS: As of this week, I'll be working part time at the oh so lovely Anthropologie store. I'm excited, a little nervous, and even more inspired to really pursue what is essential - making goals happen and cutting out anything that is trivial & nonessential. It might sound crazy, but this challenge in time management actually feels freeing to me. Like a new slate. I can choose what to do and what isn't beneficial. I'm excited to grow my little business, and serve my clients more fully, because I've freed up "mental space & stress" through other means. Plus, I have a reason to dress up almost everyday now!

How's your April looking?
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--Tara M.