November never surprises me with how quickly it seems to all pass - after all, it holds the beginning of the holiday season! The past month was filled with so many fun trips and meaningful meetings over coffee with many dear friends. I was able to have several work days (that were actually productive) away from home in DC, friend's living rooms, and various coffee shops. There are BIG things coming in the next few months, so November saw a lot of behind-the-scenes shenanigans!...

  • Cooper the cat kept me company during one of those living room work seshs
  • I discovered an olive green house right next to my new favorite RVA coffee shop - win/win
  • My best friend from Indiana visited RVA & a new Anniversary Session was added to the books - coming soon!
  • Backyard florals for Mom & Dad's visit & Autumn musings w/ John Keats
  • Updated my siblings-in-love school portraits
  • So many friends from across the country came into town for a wedding & we brunched like no one's business ("Supper" is the best restaurant, fyi)!!!
  • The "Waterfall Couple," a.k.a. Dana & Casey, hit the blog
  • Received the new Cottage Hill Pioneer Issue in the mail. eep!
  • Wrote about having power shoes & slow mornings
  • Weekend wear featured yellow tights
  • All our hearts were burdened and prayers uplifted for Paris
  • Showed off the Richmond sites to friends
  • Visited the Quirk Hotel & met with my designer for a REBRAND!
  • Photographed a new photog-friend and her boyfriend for fun - coming soon!
  • Roadtripped to Indiana with Stephen for Thanksgiving (12 hours)
    • For lunch, Stephen found a local restaurant to treat me to! Who knew food from Peru was so delicious?!
  • Made a DIY Thanksgiving table centerpiece (and you know, ate a lot of food & played games with family)
  • Celebrated 23 months with Stephen - that's almost two years, folks!

This time of year is my favorite! Everyone seems to be a bit happier, crafts abound and scarves surround, and Christmas music begins! How was your November? Share your highlights in the comments! Until next month...

--Tara M.