FROM THE INSTA: Oh hi, May! I Mean, April...


I knew this would happen. I knew once the traveling began that moments and things would pile up. Happily so. And also, frantically so. Where has May gone? But REALLY, April happened...
Yes, I realize it's basically the end of May and I haven't blogged April. Sorry about that.

So here's April:
Traveling began. Weddinging began. Engagement sessions happened. New dives were explored. And a few of many goals were crossed off the list. That, or I'm smiling because I made some progress on others.

What Instagram knows and you don't -- unless you've joined the party.

My 2016 Goals...Well. April looks a lot better than May has in that department. Here's what went well:

  • Drink at least 2 bottles of water each day --> yes!
  • Stay relevant with current events/politics at least 3 times per week --> YES!
  • Read a book --> started 2 new books, "The E Myth Revisited," by Michael E. Gerber. & "Now Discover Your Strengths," by Marcus Buckingham & Donald Clifton, Ph.D.
  • Connect in Community --> yes! Made personal friendship & rejuvenation (yay for extroverted-ness) a priority instead of working 24/7.
  • Visit a new City or State --> I explored new areas of Boston, so that counts!

Business Goals that happened:

  • Attend at least 1 networking event each month --> Yes! I attended two, actually!
  • Create blogging workflow & pre-blog consistently --> If we leave out the "consistently" part, this is a yes! I was able to pre-blog a few posts. Gotta start somewhere, no?
  • Submit 1-2 shoots to publications monthly --> Submitted 1!
  • Bridal Guide --> ALMOST finished

Things to work on/continue for the rest of May...that are actually achievable in the next 7 days:

  • Workout & drink water --> seriously though
  • Systematize BSchool assignments & create new goals from what I learned
  • Edit & Blog at least 2 sessions that are waiting for me
  • Send Bridal Guide to friend for proofing

Spring sure has brought a lot of bustle. There were struggles galore, but also massive Praise-God-From-Who-All-Blessings-Flow moments, too. For example, I GOT MY CAR BACK (after 5 months of it being broken down).

Come adventure with me through this crazy life. And let's pursue our goals together!

Let's finish this month, oh hi May, strong!

--Tara M.