FROM THE INSTA : September


Back in August I had multiple freak out moments with how empty September looked. The pressures to be this or do that or invest more is constant and I felt like I was lagging behind. But I am grateful that I found my feet again and looked to the horizon of possibilities that is always there if you have the eyes to see it. THEN the phone rang, the emails flooded, and the iCal began to look almost too full. In this business, it can sometimes feel like feast and famine within the same 30 days. Whew! September, you treated me crazy and you treated me oh so well! Here's a look from the Instagram...

  • Rainbows & handpicked flowers make any rainy day worthwhile
  • Terron & Ruth's sentimental wedding hit the blog - and boy did I geek out over this one!
  • Weekend Wear went to Georgetown, Washington D.C.
  • The day we all remember like it was yesterday - September 11th. See my story here
  • Editing portraits of my friend Johnny (who could be a model) from my time in Maine
  • Modeled for a film photo shoot (CANNOT wait for the final scans!)
  • My new high top shoes and ball cap hit Weekend Wear for D.C. casual street style
  • Look back: Molly Elizabeth was one of my first portrait sessions as a full time photog!
  • I got a text message and within 30 minutes booked a ticket for SEATTLE --> Immediate dreaming and planning ensued for collaborating on styled shoots in the PNW!
  • Spent countless hours updating, editing, and web-designing for my ONE YEAR IN BUSINESS anniversary!!! (Take a look around the site if you haven't already)...
  • Celebrated 1 year of business, watched new tv shows, and had lunch dates and picnics in DC with Stephen.
  • Blogged Sarah's sweet Bachelorette Luncheon & Tea from earlier this summer

Not pictured...

  • Caught some baby snuggles w/Llewyn
  • Took a red-eye flight to Seattle (where I am presently) and am in full force planning mode for several PNW sessions!

Friends, there are BIG things coming to Pattengale Photography! Things like shooting at waterfalls, collaborating with other creatives, and starting the process of re-branding are just a few of the new adventures coming your way in the upcoming months!!! I. Can't. Wait.

What were some highlights of your September?

As always, follow along live for more of the stories and updates from the girl behind the camera: @PattengalePhoto


--Tara M.