Hannah & Thomas : Forest Engagement Session || Part 1, Richmond Virginia


I'm recognizing a pattern.
So I'm here, admitting it openly.

The last few sessions blow my mind. The stories that are seeping out, because they just can't help it, are truly beautiful. This is why I photograph. The camera is just a tool.

But humans? They're my favorite.  
We are all brimming with emotions. 

Words can't do them justice.
It's in the gaze,
the smile twitching about the lips,
that informs those around us,

how we truly feel. 
How we truly love and are loved back.

Meet Hannah & Thomas. 
Two humans who love each other so, so well. 

Instead of writing their love story out in the typical fashion,
their love story is in letter form.

A love letter. To keep & re-read.
Because they know that love just gets better with time. And sealing this engagement season of life with how they feel & love is nothing short of inspiring. And friends, this is only Part 1...


When we had a conversation for the first time ever, I knew immediately you were someone special. It was not love at first sight as they say, but it was a conversation we both refer back to as unforgettable.

Of course the first thing I noticed as we began speaking were those blues eyes. We were at a bar with each other's group of friends and while it may have been a little hard to see with the bar lighting, I couldn't miss those blue eyes looking directly back into mine. You really made it difficult to think of anything else at that moment. 

I remember that you immediately gave off a warm, caring vibe as you talked about your family, your family's dog and where you were from – turns out, not too far from me actually.

Despite the amazing conversation, we went back to hanging out with our own group of friends. But I felt like it was like watching one of your favorite Netflix series and having it cutoff abruptly at a climactic moment. I just couldn’t forget this conversation with you. 

I couldn't wait to learn more about you and discover who you really were. I wanted to know everything. I can’t explain why, but a month passed before I saw you again.

When found ourselves back at the bar with friends, I wasn’t going to cut the conversation and go my own way. Luckily, you felt the same. We talked and talked until we were kicked out of the bar and our friends had to drag us away. 

Each time we met up, I continued to get lost in our conversations - becoming completely oblivious to our surroundings. I just couldn’t get enough of you.

I don't consider myself a very talkative person but ironically, our entire relationship was established on extremely long, deep conversations. Hannah, you get me talking and have helped me open up like I never have to anyone else before. 

Our love story can't be told without mentioning my father whom, unfortunately, you never met. We would talk and talk – sharing our life experiences with each other – and somehow, it would always come back to talking about my dad. You know, it was almost exactly a year that I had lost my dad when you and I had that unforgettable conversation...

Losing my father changed my entire outlook on life and turned me into a stronger, better man knowing that my role in my family needed to change.

But Hannah,
while I may have lost my father,
I thank him every day for giving me the greatest gift any man can ask for:
a loving wife.

...My eyes are blurry, you?
Check back tomorrow for Part 2: Hannah's side of the story & this adventure...

--Tara M