Hannah & Thomas : Forest Engagement Session || Part 2, Wild Lovin


Not just any forest this time. 
A BAMBOO forest. 

Bet you didn't see that coming, did you? 
There were a few wild animal sounds. A few fears of splinters discussed.
And a few too many spider webs in ma hair. 

But gimme me some of that wild lovin mushy stuff and I instantly forget those spiders. Add My Love photographing by side (& therefore a double-date-in-the-wild type of scenario) and all is well. 

Which brings us to today - Part 2 of Hannah & Thomas' engagement session & open love letter story. If you didn't catch Thomas' perspective & love letter yesterday, stoppit. Read that HERE (you'll need tissues). 

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Now for Hannah's letter & part of the story...


I can vividly remember our first conversation because it was, quite simply unforgettable. To this day, I can see it – like a photograph inside my head – of you and me. You sitting there. Talking to me for the first real time.  

We were both out in Richmond with friends. I don’t remember who said hello to who first, but we were making casual conversation when we both came to the realization that we both grew up in the “Southside” of Richmond and had much more in common than we thought. The conversation was fun and easy. All the sudden I found myself looking at you differently.

I realized how attractive you were inside and out. Thomas, you are so kind and funny. From that point on, I thought of you more than just a mutual friend of a friend.

Over the next few months, we saw each other again and again. Each night we would stay out late talking until the lights would come on. It never felt like we had been talking for hours because the conversations just kept flowing. There was never enough time to say all we wanted to say.

Thomas, I saw a side of you that you didn’t always show other people. And if I didn’t already know from our first conversation,

I knew then:
I was falling in love with you…

Luckily, you already let it slip multiple times that you were falling for me too.

We began seriously dating and continued to get to know more about each other and our families.

Thomas, you’ve given me the life I’ve always dreamt of and more.

I had never been in a relationship that was so easy. Thomas, everything with you is easy. You are the most loving, caring and fun person to be around. 

You bring out the light in every situation and are teaching me to appreciate all the good in life. When you proposed, it was so easy to say yes to spending the rest of my life by your side.   

Hannah & Thomas ---
Your  vulnerability in allowing me to document the way you love each other moves me. Your tenderness towards one another exudes all that you do and say. Thank you. Thank you for trusting, adventuring, and laughing so much with me. Your engagement journey has been a joy - now let's get you married!!


--Tara M