Introducing Weekend Wear : A blog series


We have all done it. All of us have stood there, lifelessly looking at those 20 dresses, 30 blouses, and the feet of scarves hanging in our closets. And despite it all we still feel like we have "nothing to wear!"  Bewilderment takes over and everything we try feels frumpy.

That's where Weekend Wear comes in.

The Weekend Wear goal is to show you how to creatively use the pieces already found in your closet. And, it's simple.  Achieving that fresh and unique look every time comes down to restyling your combinations. From going on a date, crafting, or coffeeshop hopping to working out, running errands, or traveling out of town for the weekend, there's so much style potential!


Three Things to know...

- I have a weird quirk. I never repeat an outfit twice. I might wear the same pieces but something about the combination will be different - hair, makeup, accessories, socks, something! Somehow, I'm able to remember almost every combination I've ever worn. Odd? Probably.

- Don't have a lot of cash? Me either. Each outfit's pieces featured on Weekend Wear will be thrifted, gifted, on sale, handed-down, or made. Occasionally, there will be exceptions. Also, shoes and jewelery won't always fall into these guidelines.

- The struggle between a carry on and checked luggage is real. And if you're like me, it's always a bit of stressor to know how to pack accordingly. I travel a lot, so there will inevitably be Travel Editions to Weekend Wear in hopes of always looking cute wherever adventure calls!


Tune in next Friday for the first Weekend Wear look!!!


--Tara M.

|| PC: Sarah Kane Photography, edited by me ||