It's always a joy to do photo shoots when I visit Kansas City and this little guy was no exception! Whenever I work with infants, I find myself musing over this little human and asking all kinds of questions. Like, what will their passions be? What kind of food will they like and what kind of career will they hold? For now, however, baby Peter was just content to sleep, pucker his adorable lips, and nestle in the arms of anyone who would hold him! And trust me, after I was done with the shoot, I willingly volunteered!

Did I mention that Peter is Judah's little brother?! So of course, a new family portrait was in order!

Visiting with Brandon and Sarah is always such a fun time and these two handsome guys make it that much sweeter! Once again, congratulations Brandon and Sarah! May the future be filled with more sleep than at present, new discoveries that come with childhood, and memorable adventures around Kansas City!


--Tara M.