LIFESTYLE : Childhood Play at Rockwood Park


A few people have asked what the difference is between portraiture and lifestyle photography. And while I'm no expert in definitions, I love working on lifestyle shoots because it portrays people in their natural element and tells a story. In some way, all photography does. It's the art of storytelling and lifestyle photography tends to be more candid - the perspective of a fly on the wall, if you will - rather than posed portraiture. Children epitomize lifestyle photography because we all know that posing doesn't last very long. They just want to play and be left alone to explore. And it's my job to capture those moments of individualism.

This particular spring day, Phillip loved eating his tie and his brother, Richmond, informed me he only wanted to be handsome while he rode his tricycle. Lizzy likes to laugh. Carley and Travis are proud of their family and have such a sweet love for each other! Here are some of my favorites from our shoot together.

I love Richmond's concern with everything looking it's best, "Excuse me, uhm, do you think this tree is handsome?"

When we went to Rockwood park for "a fun adventure," Richmond agreed only if his snacks could come too. This boy has his priorities straight. Also, he's "more handsome" with just one eye and his teeth showing. Phillip just happily slobbered on the monkey bars.

Aren't they such a cute family? This is why lifestyle photography is a passion of mine. Happy Tuesday, friends!


--Tara M.