Because I'm such a sentimentalist, the memories of milk and cookies before bed, McDonald happy meals, learning how to knit, or hearing my grandma cheer on the side of the soccer field, flood my mind as I write today's post. My grandma is not one who normally dresses up, but on Christmas Day she brought her makeup - blush & lipstick. I suggested a touch of mascara to complete her "pin-up" look, and her already bright eyes popped even more! And as such, she was ready for her closeup!

Also, did I mention she knows the most random bits of information, laughs until she cries, never leaves the house without her earrings in, and is an avid knitter? In fact, she knits every day - blankets, wash rags, scarves, sweaters, hats, you name it. She's pretty great! Hope you enjoy her little quips and these favorites from our shoot together!

"Oh babe, I don't know what my favorite memory is....*starts laughing. Well probably when I went out dancing one evening and won an award. Yeah, this guy came up to me and asked me to dance - I can't remember if your grandpa was there or not, but he wouldn't have danced like that anyway - so I said, 'sure, why not!' Next thing I know, he was flipping me all over the place. Between his legs, up and around - my feet were going 100 miles per hour! Turns out, we won first place....I didn't even know there was a competition!"

"Did you know that goldfish have the attention span of three seconds? I read that somewhere...." Everyone in the room bursts out laughing, "I guess that was a dumb thing to say wasn't it? Maybe the guy who studied them had a short attention span. H***, how do they prove that anyway?" She laughed so hard she got mad and as normal, waived her hand at me to stop laughing, "Shut up, Tara." ....for the record, I didn't say anything.

*Watching a Mr Clean Magic Eraser commercial, "Well I can tell you one thing that's not in that dumb thing is elbow grease! I can do a better job with an SOS pad!!!"

Shirley Anne, you're a pretty cool Grandma. I love all the funny things you say, the way you love others, and the way you boogie in your chair anytime country music plays. Until our next adventures...


--Tara M.