LIFESTYLE : The Bliss of Childhood - A Family Session at Bryan Park | Richmond, VA


It's not everyday that a random person will help you tow your car from DC to Richmond. It's also not everyday that you feel like you've known someone your whole life - even if it's only been the four hours of driving. So when Dave - the seemingly random guy from church with a vehicle capable of pulling another - asked if I'd do a few family photos this spring, I was, quite simply, honored.

Bryan Park has quickly become a new favorite with it's ridiculous Azalea Gardens. This gem, tucked away, waiting to be explored, was captivating. As were these boy's giggles & overwhelming curiosity for all the bursting life around them.

Dillon is seven and Cooper is three. They both get wide eyed in excitement over baseball, swimming, soccer, and of course, playing video games together. Dillon is a cub scout. He asked me many times if I liked his shirt & complimented my photography - this kid has a good future ahead of him. And Cooper, well. He wooed me with flowers he picked.

Each guy got his turn taking a family photo --- this may or may not have been bribery at its best.

The sun dipped lower behind the trees. But there was more to explore, to see, to touch. I couldn't help but be reminded of my own imaginary games with sticks and bits of grass. Truly. This is the essence of childhood play.

Sneaking in a few romantic portraits of husband & wife, mommy & daddy, is always a highlight of any session. Because marriage is beautiful and prioritizing love is always rewarding. Dave & Lauren celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary this November. These are some of the only images they've had taken since their wedding day. *insert heart eye emoji

"Lauren: for 15 years you have been a rock for me. No one on earth loves me like you do, and I love no one on earth as much as you. You have stood by me in thick and think, through career changes and life challenges. You bore two beautiful boys. You are an excellent mother..."

"You are my best friend. You brought me back to a relationship with Christ. I choose you to continue to do 'forever' with me!
Love, Dave"

Dave & Lauren - thank you for your generosity. Your prayers. Your kindness. You have a wonderful family and it was MY joy to work with you. To capture these moments. Thank you.

--Tara M.