LISA & JIMBO : An Urban Washington D.C. Engagement


I've always said that I wanted to be friends with each client I work with. Not a friend who's turned into a client (though I love it when that happens!). But having "random" clients turning into real friends has been a goal of mine. And guys, Lisa & Jimbo have become just that. Be it providing a good laugh or new, life-changing, music options for any playlist needs, these two are keepers!

Their energy & joy as a couple is unmatched and quite simply, contagious. As is their real & adorable love story...

Oh, and did I mention that they have the world's perfect goldendoodle, Ellie?! Lordy, she was such a model. And these D.C. row houses near Logan Circle, mmm!

"Although the pictures may tell a different story, it isn't all about the dog!  We live in Alexandria, Virginia; love the Washington Nationals; and love trying tasty new restaurants.  Jimbo's festival jams keep me hip; and according to Jimbo, my pretty red hair keeps him loving me..."

"We met in the spring of 2011, during our senior year at Radford University, and couldn't get enough of each other!" 

"A few years of some distance here and there meant lots of trips back and forth to Richmond, DC, New York, and everywhere in between.  Then it was finally time for Jimbo to stop being a deadbeat dog father to Ellie, and move to Northern Virginia to complete our family."

P.S. Can we just stop and all freak out over these urban vibes & their model looks? Geeze.

"Even though I have clothes in every room of the house...and Jimbo cannot figure out how to take the dishes out of the dishwasher...we still find time to laugh with and love each other more and more every single day."

If this is what their engagement session was like, can you even imagine their wedding day? It's going to be amazing...

And while we may have missed the cherry blossoms Washington D.C. is so famous for, these other springtime blooms still had me catching my breath. Moments like these make time stand still.

"Our life together is never dull, and we can't wait to continue as Mr. & Mrs. James Bailey!"

Lisa & Jimbo - words can't do all that I feel justice. Spending the afternoon in the District with you, cruising in traffic with Leon Bridges filling the air, and witnessing the way you love each other was, quite simply, another one for books!

From kissing under trees to rocking your inner GQ & Vogue model looks (despite all the runners & by standers staring at us), I'm a fan of you two. I CANNOT wait for your Charlottesville wedding this December.
Let's hang out before that, mkay?

--Tara M.

|| Location: Washington D.C. Makeup Artist: Glam Qui, Marquia Kinard. ||