LONG DISTANCE : Suits & Enos || Spring Break, Richmond, VA


It was exactly 60 days since we had last seen each other face-to-face. There were concerts, exams, interviews, weekends with his family, moving into a new place, Valentine's Day, his birthday, relaunching my website, networking events, photoshoots, new clothes, and movies that we missed experiencing with each other.

1,100 miles does something to your heart, friends. It's good, it's strengthening. It's also crazy and difficult. Hearing their heartbeat is surreal. And unbelievably happy. Today I'm sharing a quick recap as to why I was MIA last week. Hint: My favorite guy came into town. On his spring break. To see me...

(Photos by iPhones & only a few with my camera)

  • Explored DC alleys, monuments, & parks in between client meetings & networking coffees.
  • I unashamedly make him come close for a selfie. Especially if there is artwork involved...
  • Georgetown & a Subway double-date picnic by the water
  • The Game of Life, brunching, & exploring Richmond views
  • Two summers ago I learned that this suit & tie guy also likes camping & enoing. And while we couldn't pull off a camping trip in the Shenandoah, we did eno for an entire afternoon!
  • Also, he's a champ at looking up local eats & happenings for us
  • We also tried pulling off a trip to Charleston, SC. Instead, we went to Virginia Beach - in sweaters. And then had dinner at The Dog & Pig Show in Church Hill -- Richmonders, if you haven't been, STOP and go now!

Today's post is a casual, everyday view of my life behind & without the normal camera. I'm so glad I took the week off to soak up a full week with Stephen. He's worth it and I also believe that my clients and work are better because I take breaks and recharge my creative juices! I'm now pumped for these next months and all the crazy they bring!

P.S. Stephen and I have had two professional shoots together! - if you're interested in seeing us looking all dapper from our first spring break together click here or last summer's destination shoot, click here!

--Tara M.