Making Each Other Laugh : A Couple Session with Mom & Dad


I've been back and forth from Richmond, Virginia, to Rensselaer, Indiana, many times the last few months. The reasons have varied but spending extra time with the Momma and Dad has been a real treat. A couple weeks ago, when I was home for my mom's surgery, we decided that a photo shoot was in order. Life was about to get a little gnarly, but through it all one thing has remained true: My mom and dad still make each other laugh. There have been tears, struggles, and pain but they still laugh. They still dance (which is 95% always my mom's idea that my dad, amused, obliges to)...

My parents were high school sweethearts. My dad was a tough guy and a jock with flaming red hair. My mom worked at Tom's Supermarket and dad always went to her checkout line. At eighteen and twenty they tied the knot and a few years later, dedicated their lives to Jesus. Within ten years they had the three of us kids and have never stopped loving and being our biggest cheerleaders.

"Butch, look at me. She said to look at each other. Why are we in this tall grass?" My dad turned towards Momma and said, "Honey, you're not the photographer..." Suffice it to say that there was a lot of laughter, bluntness that only a Midwest couple can posses, and a lot of, "isn't he just so cute?!" from this session...

Whenever there's a wedding coming up, my mom YouTube's The Cha Cha and The Electric Slide to practice in the dining room. Apparently this field was no different and so of course various forms of dancing ensued.

It may be past Mother's and Father's Day celebrations, but I never want to pass up an opportunity to brag on these two. Their love for each other, their big hearts to help other people, and quite simply the way they tackle life together is exactly all that it should be. They are in like and in love with who the other person truly is - Mom and Dad, you're just too great!

Guys, aren't they just thee cutest couple?! Send them some love in the comments!


--Tara M.