PERSONAL : With Tea in Hand


I know this is out of the norm for the blogging world, but when inspiration hits, you just have to go with it! And right now, I'm craving a good cup of black tea with creme! It's a dull day here in Richmond and while I have lamps on and a candle burning, I still feel myself slouching more and more as the day progresses.

Happily, however, I have gotten a lot of things crossed off my to-do list yesterday and today! So I'm considering this tea a celebration and cheers to the rest of the day!

But I am wishing that I could be back in Kansas at the Queen's Pantry having a cup of well crafted tea - imported from Great Britain! - with Sarah and the others! For now, I'll reminisce as my water boils. I can't wait to share more photos from the shoot with the Queen's Pantry! And just in time for Valentine's Day gift ideas (think teacups that even guys can drink out of, over 180 kinds of loose-leaf tea, and any brewing accessory you need)!!!

Here's to finishing the day well - with tea in hand! What kind did you choose?!


--Tara M.