PERSONAL : Braving to be Present


I'm seeing it everywhere: The holidays were just so amazing that you need a holiday from the holiday. I've written about "Being Present" before, and today I'm reminded afresh of what it looks like to treasure what's here and now and those breathing next to you. To be grateful for the long, lazy days that happen when you're with loved ones. The past week held Christmas parties, airport runs (to pick up you know who!!!), presents, food, food, food, and a 10 hour road trip to Kansas City, Missouri, to do it all over again. And while I'm going to be squeezing in work hours here and there, I'm also taking steps back to reflect on this past year. Before rushing into 2016 goals, I want to first turn a grateful eye toward what already happened - the accomplishments and things to refine for next year. Intentionality is the key.

Today, my brave thing is to sit and ponder. With these adorable coffee cups...
(iPhone photo)

How's your Tuesday going? Are the holidays still in full swing or are you snow/iced in like I am?

--Tara M.