PERSONAL : Finding Balance After Traveling


Some days it feels like a race against the clock while others can pass lazily by. Perhaps that's the beguiling nature of Autumn (or 3-day holiday weekends). I slept in today for the first time in a long while. But the bliss didn't last long when I quickly rounded the corner from gratitude to crossing the street named "feeling behind." Chaos of mind kicked in and the crisp air, sips of hot coffee, and memories of a lovely weekend became dull. As an entrepreneur, self-motivation is key. But it can be a killer when the quantity of the to-do's trump the quality of work and life. It's the idea that check marks are better than peace-filled work and giving yourself a little extra time is inefficient. Creativity dies and productivity trembles as a result.

But today, I'm starting over. Even though it's already past noon. I'm lighting a candle, turning on instrumental music, and unpacking. Yes, unpacking my suitcase from my PNW trip as well as my thoughts from it all (explored so many cool places - pictured above by my iPhone). I'm taking time to read, ponder, and maybe even journal.

This day can still be productive and happily spent. This week still brims with potential. My head just needs to get out of the way...

So here's to the dreamers, creativprenuers, and go-getters: it's okay to slow down. It's okay to have another cuppa because you enjoy it. It's okay to ___________. Happy Tuesday, everyone!

--Tara M.