PERSONAL : I'm ENGAGED - a.k.a. I said yes!


It's been less than 48 hours. I keep looking down thinking that at any time I'm going to wake up from a dream. But because I often have vivid dreams, I have tricks to wake myself up. And they aren't working. THIS. IS. REAL.

I have a ring on my finger.

And it's the most stunning thing I've ever seen.


(GORGEOUS photo by Tori Watson Photography)

I have so many thoughts. So many little things I want to remember. And I can't wait to relish alongside of my Pattengale Brides more fully as I serve them this year/next. Yes, I PROMISE to share the whole story + photos soon. BUT for now, I'm just savoring being a fiance...

That and I'm flying home to Indiana at the moment.

Which also includes a trip to see him in St. Louis in 6 days!

I'm a fan of life.

--Tara M.