PERSONAL : My Musings


While most people have gone back to their homes and work, my holiday vacation still has a few days left to it. I feel like I've been gone forever, but I can't even express how grateful or how timely the break from the "everyday life" has been. And if I'm being honest, it's late Friday morning and I don't have a normal blog post prepared. My days here in Indiana have been full of family, friends, traveling to Kansas City and back, projects, and lots of movie watching with my parents. I've been a bit thrown off of my normal preparedness, to say the least.

However, slowing down and reflecting over the past year has been more help than a well executed list of to-do's could ever be. Sometimes we all need to stop and watch the snow fall. There will be meetings, business planning, shooting, and editing soon enough. But this Friday morning, my heart is full. So, I'm going to sit here with my coffee, look out the window at the snow, and ponder - last year, this new year, goals, dreams, and trust the Lord to help and guide me through it all.

What are a few things you've been thinking over?


--Tara M.