PERSONAL : That Cup of Joe & Dreaming


The past week has been full of wedding details, shooting a wedding and then more wedding details for an upcoming wedding. My time has gone to emails, responding to inquiries, trying new organizational software, and oh, breathing in between. There have been errands galore, shopping, and people to invest in. Life. Work. People. Repeat. But this morning I was challenged to see Life, with a capitol L, as something to be engaged in fully. To see Life as a bigger picture than my own story. I can go insane with my sticky notes and my phone alerts. But in it all, if I fail to realize that the check-marks add up to something bigger, I fail to see the opportunities, goals accomplished, and ultimately, the Life around me.

"To experience my full humanity is to embrace that I'm fully purposed. And so, for the sake of my own humanity, it becomes imperative that I become a student of my own story..." - life with a capitol L by Matt Heard

I've been grappling with my "Why" for my business. And I don't have a clean, classy answer for you. I have many answers, or what I think will be my answer, still circling my head. I'll let you know when the mist clears. However, I do know this: I want to live my life wholly abandoned to whatever comes next. To adventure and experience. To feel deeply and embrace others authentically. To live with purpose and direction - even if I don't know where the road leads. And sometimes, that means that you have to grit your teeth and keep saying no to the face of failure. To reheat that cup of joe that lost it's initial steam because you answered the phone, held the baby, or flew out the door for a meeting. Your dream hasn't died. My dream hasn't died. It can feel delayed, but it hasn't died. And, perhaps it just needs to be rekindled.

These thoughts aren't revolutionary. In fact, they feel pretty ordinary. But sometimes I just need a perspective shift when my circumstances can't. Isn't that how creativity is birthed anyway?  Take what you have and create.

I don't know about you, but I'm finishing my coffee from this morning and you should too (or grab another) and chase after those dreams! Together, we can do it. Here's to finishing the week well, friends!


--Tara M