PERSONAL : When Life Changes, Reheat The Coffee


Your head's spinning.
The only warm place is your bed.

And you're not quite sure what's next, what you should do next, or even what the next hour might bring. Not in a particularly ominous way, always. Sometimes it's joyful surprises. Sometimes it's life-altering ones too. Regardless, you still don't know what's next.

You feel me?

The last 7 days have made my head spin. Scratch that, the last two weeks. From amazing last-minute client sessions (still in the editing queue), delivering images to other clients, and sudden business inspiration at 11:30pm at night, to intense writer's block for blogging and brainstorming new marketing efforts or teaching Instagram to other photographers, I've been a little overwhelmed.

And then there's the personal side - traffic, traffic, traffic, dead phones without your charger, reheating the coffee, and then bridal showers (read: i'll be a wife soon!).

To be blunt, life has changed courses again.
It's full of happy.
It's also full of heart-wrenching change.
When the timing is okay I'll update you all in full. For now, let's just take a breath, together?

I know I haven't blogged consistently, as of late.
I know I haven't updated The Chronicles series on wedding planning things.
I know I haven't done a recap of Instagram in months.

But. I am alive & well.
And the clients I am privileged to serve this year and next are a ridiculous source of joy for me! Thank you for trusting me with your stories AND ALSO, being there for me in my own life's story, too.

So, how are you doing?
Go re-heat your coffee.
And tell me in the comments!

--Tara M.