PORTRAITS : Augusta, Molly, Mariah, & Abby


These girls you're meeting today exude creativity and a love for life that is simply contagious. Augusta, Molly, Mariah, and Abby met each other at a camp this summer and for an afternoon I was included as part of their posse. Awhile back, I posted about a student photo shoot I did and these four girls also had the same opportunity to help raise money for Save The Storks (click for the background story and more info)! We had a blast discovering Manitou Springs, Colorado, together and managed to finish just before the rain came!





They sure made my job fun with their laughter, killer "model" looks, and many behind-the-scenes-snapchats! Girls, thanks again for coming together for such a great cause and letting me spend the afternoon with you!


--Tara M.